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Schedule Your Ride with Us.

We offer demand response public transportation routes.

Piattran offers demand response public transportation routes. We do not have bus stops, but instead pick you up and drop you off at your pre-arranged destination.


We request 1 business day advance reservations. However, if space and time is available we will accommodate same day requests. Rides are not scheduled after 2:00 p.m the day before.

Keeping our services affordable.

To keep our services affordable, we try to accommodate as many requests as possible. Therefore, we ask all of our riders to be ready 15 minutes prior to their pickup time, and to allow for our buses to run 15 minutes behind scheduled pickup times. Please be aware that we are public transportation and as such cannot guarantee arrival or departure times although we make every conceivable effort to meet your scheduled needs and requests.

Drivers will assist getting on and off our buses, and to your doorway as needed and can carry up to 5 packages (no more than 10 pounds each) and place those items just inside your threshold.

Additional Information

Due to insurance, drivers cannot assist you beyond the threshold of your doorway. However, a personal care attendant may ride at no extra charge. When a personal care attendant is riding with you, the driver will not be expected to assist with packages or provide assistance between the curb and doorway.

*Service animals must be declared to the dispatcher when scheduling the ride.

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