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Where do we go?

Within the City of Monticello and the surrounding 5-mile radius, trips are fairly easy to accommodate outside of regular route runs and times.

Out of County Routing includes approximately 2-3 daily round trips connecting Champaign-Urbana and Decatur urbanized areas. On a monthly basis, trips to Springfield, Peoria, and Arcola / Arthur /Tuscola may be available, please contact dispatch if interested in these destinations.

Additional special long distance trips may be possible if within the state of Illinois and is not offered by another private operator.

In County Routing on a daily basis Piattran serves all Townships/Villages connecting to Monticello and surrounding counties. However, arrival and departure availability is based on demand and availability of buses on a given day. By scheduling further in advance, Piattran can more easily ensure the preferred times are possible.

Special Service transportation can be arranged for riders that cannot ride on regular routes. For more information on Special Service pricing and availability, contact the Piattran office at (217) 762-7821.

Emergency Procedures - vehicles may not operate when roads are unsafe due to inclement weather. Should Piattran close, passengers will be contacted on an individual basis.

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