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Inclement Weather Policy 2019-2020


  • If you would like to be notified of service changes, you can sign up to receive an automated text or call at the following link. Or you can check our website, follow us on Facebook. Additionally, you can check the status of our routing by calling the Inclement Weather Hotline (217-817-0406).

  • Our routes are not based on school closures.

  • If a storm is coming and a mid-day/early evening closure is necessary, then the following actions will be taken:

  • Closing Early: If we have given you a ride in the morning and a storm is on its way, we will –

    • Make a determination at 10AM, 12PM or 2PM about closing early.

    • You will have 1 hour to be ready to meet the bus. We will make every effort to contact you about your new return time.

    • Then starting at 11AM, 1PM or 3PM we will start our early return route pickups.

    • Decisions on the pick-up order for return rides will be based on 1) rider vulnerability, 2) low service contract priority, and watching weather road conditions for each pickup/destination locations (i.e. if storm is only hitting Decatur then they go first).


  • Work Riders:

  • Should be prepared to leave early (get permission from supervisor ahead of time); or

  • If leaving early is not an option, get a backup ride, and/or plan to shelter in place.


  • Saturdays (seasonally Mid-April through Mid-November):

  • On Saturdays, the Piattran driver/on-call manager will decide whether or not the route will run.



  • How to stay informed:

  • Sign-up for Automated Text or Call (link below)

  • Like or follow us on:

  • Facebook – search Piattran

  • Check Inclement Weather Hotline (217-817-0406)

  • Radio (94.5 FM) and TV (WAND or WCIA)



Questions? Please call us at 217-762-7821


Provide us your contact information by completing our online form.

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