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Reliable school transportation services.

The school year can be busy. We're here to help.

In need of school transportation? 

Piattran offers reliable transportation to get your children to school safely. With driver background checks and passenger check-in safety measures, you can rest assured your children will arrive to school safely and on time! 

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Passenger safety is our first priority.

Upon arrival, all passengers are electronically verified and checked-in by our professional drivers ensuring all of our passengers are accounted for! 

Savings for
frequent riders.

Frequent rider of Piattran? Consider our auto pay program for greater savings and convenience. Complete our form below to get started!  

Student Auto Pay Fares


In City of Monticello:    $1.75

In County:                        $3.00

Out of County:                $6.00 

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Ready to get started? Let's ride!  

To submit your school transportation request, please email ride@piattran.org along with your Rider Intake Form and we'll take it from there!  

Questions? We're here to help! Give us a call at: